Car Fluid

Car Fluid

Your vehicle whether a new car or a used car has many fluids that help it operate. In fact, many of the fluids are very important for the safe operation and function of your vehicle. The fluids in your automobile include engine, brake, transmission, cooling, battery, air conditioning and fluid to wash the windows.

You should check the levels of fluid on a regular basis but always be sure to check them prior to making a long trip.

Oil is what keeps your engine lubricated and running well in a new or used car. The life and function of your motor depends upon having adequate lubricant. Checking the level of engine oil is performed quite easily. First drive the car and then park it and let it cool down for at least five minutes. You will find the dipstick under the hood of the vehicle. It is normally red or yellow in color. Remove the dipstick by pulling it straight up. Wipe off the dipstick and return it to its shaft and then slowly remove it again. Look to see where the oil lies on the dipstick. There are markers near the bottom of the shaft of the stick. The level of oil should be between the two markers. If the oil is low add oil a quart at a time. Be sure to check the level after adding oil. Add additional oil if necessary. It is advised to start the engine after you add the oil to let it circulate before checking the level again. Be sure you do not add to much oil as that can be problematic as well.

Be sure to check your automobiles transmissions fluid with the new or used car running. There is a dipstick to check this level as well. If you are unable to locate this stick your owner’s manual will show you where it is. Since the automobile is running and you will be leaning over the motor be sure you are not wearing any loose clothing or jewelry that may become caught in the moving parts. Remove the dipstick, wipe, reinsert and check the level. You check this level pretty much the same way you check the level of oil. If the level is too low add fluid. A low level of transmission fluid may indicate that you have a leak somewhere in the system that needs to be checked by a mechanic. If the level is good be sure that the color is not black. If the transmission oil is black it should be changed.

Brake fluid lubricates your brakes to keep them running properly. You can check this fluid level under the hood in a reservoir that is plastic and small. Fill with brake fluid if the level is below the two-thirds full line.

Cooling system fluid is changed when the engine is lukewarm or cool but not when it is cold. Due to the pressure in this system never check it when the engine is on. There is a cap on the radiator that you will need to remove. It is good if the fluid is close to the top otherwise add some fluid. The ratio of coolant to water is fifty-fifty.

Many batteries today do not require the addition of fluid. However if yours does you need to check it as well and add fluid as needed.

While fluid for your window washer may not seem important it is in fact very important. If you cannot see clearly out your window your driving and safety may be impaired. It is important to keep your windows clean to be safe as any other fluid in your vehicle.