Used & New Car Delivery

Used & New Car Delivery

There can be a number of reasons why somebody needs to have vehicle recovery or vehicle transport services.  It can be the result of a car breakdown, transport of a vehicle that has been in storage for a long time or a car that has just been purchased might be in need of a ride to a garage.

Car Breakdown Delivery Services
Wherever you have a vehicle that needs to be somewhere else, contact us for assistance.  If you have mechanical troubles at the side of the road, you don’t need your car breakdown to cause you to sit there all day long.  We can be there to help in most areas of London within just 40 minutes.

Buying A Used Car That Needs Vehicle Recovery

There are now a number of places where you can buy used cars online.  If you buy them from an online auction site, it is common that the buyer and the seller are in different locations.  In many cases, a good deal can be found on a vehicle that has suffered from car breakdown and the purchaser needs to take it to a garage.  This is the perfect time to call us; we can provide vehicle recovery services no matter what condition the car is in.

Purchased A Car Breakdown Vehicle At An Auction?

Many people will search for bargains at an auction.  Just like online sites, it is often the case that a vehicle suffering from car breakdown can be found at an exceptional price.  The only problem is how to get it to your home or a garage to get it back on the road.  Just take a look at our vehicle transport pricing list to find out how much it will cost you to get your new purchase where it needs to be.

Have A Garage That Specializes In Car Breakdown Repairs?
Whether you have a small shop or a full scale operation that specializes in taking vehicles that have experienced car breakdown, contact us about setting up a business account where you can save money and time.  Whether it is something that is done as a hobby or part of the core business, we can provide vehicle recovery services and you can get your cars to the garage as soon as possible.

Car Breakdown No Matter What the Condition of the Vehicle

You might be worried that the car that you have purchased is in such rough shape that it is not eligible for vehicle recovery or transportation.  There is no need to worry because we have equipment that can handle vehicle transport no matter what kind of condition it is in.  There are even times when the motor is not inside the vehicle after a car breakdown.  In that case, we can even deliver a motor wherever you want!

Used Car Delivery with Care

We understand that because you have purchased a used car or are transporting a disabled vehicle that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t care for that car.  We have the right equipment to bring it to the garage of your choice without damaging the vehicle.  Keep our number on hand in case of a car breakdown; you can’t beat our prices or the time it takes for us to get there and give you a hand.

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