Need to Hire a Driver? Hire Truck Driver in London

Driver Are you looking to hire a driver in the city of London? If you are, then look no more as we are one of the most prominent ‘hire a driver’ services in London.   Hire our drivers who are professionals, have a lot of experience, qualified and are reliable.

Our drivers are professionally trained and they can drive all kinds of cars, vans and any truck (up to 32 ton).

Do you have any important, urgent deliveries to be made and your driver have called in sick? Don’t worry! We will be able to provide you with a driver in no time.  You can hire them on hourly or daily basis, as per your convenience.

If your driver is going on a vacation for couple of weeks or even for a month or two, you can hire a driver from our service to replace him. Call us on 02031377797 for further details.

Did you just buy a car from any dealership or any other outlet? Are you in need of a driver to help you drive your new car to your home? We can provide you with drivers who can drive all kinds of cars and have full English driving licenses. Our drivers cover all of London and also the surrounding areas.

Why choose our driver hire service?

We can provide you with drivers who are reliable, professional and trustworthy, and will be able to safely take you to your destinations. The drivers are well trained and have a good knowledge of the city roads. Thus, they can take you to any destination you want and will also try to limit your travelling time, without driving recklessly. Here are some of features of our ‘hire a driver’ service:

  • Our drivers are available to hire on hourly or daily basis
  • We can provide satellite navigation (GPS) to our driver if required
  • They can drive any type of car, van and truck
  • Can drive any rigid truck ( up to 32 ton )
  • Fully insured for car, van and trucks ( up to 7.5 ton)
  • The drivers have full English driving licenses (B, B1, C, C1)
  • Our service covers London and all of its surrounding areas
  • Can drive anywhere in UK and Europe

In case any questions or booking information, you can call us on 02031377797.

The biggest advantage of hiring a driver from our driver hiring service is that, our drivers have lived in the city of London for most of their lives and are aware of all the roads, lanes, landmarks and destinations in the city. If you are new to the city of London, you will benefit from the experience of our drivers who can easily take you any place in the city.

The drivers have gone through high standard of professional training in which they have been taught to drive safely and to cater to the needs of our clients in a professional manner. This is why, the clients benefit a lot by hiring our drivers.


Driver hire service rate:

Travelling Fee £40.00
Cost per hour on Arrival £24.00 (7am till 6pm)
Cost per hour £28.00 (between the hours of 6pm till 7am)
Minimum driver hire time is 3 Hours
If you are not using our insurance then you MUST ENSURE that our driver is covered under your policy
If you require the driver for overnight stays then you will be expected to provide accommodation and sustenance.
There will be a £7.00 Per Hour for this non working period.

Are you looking to hire truck driver London?

If you need to ship your truck to another country, then we can provide you with drivers who are capable of driving all kinds of trucks (up to 32 ton). Our drivers will safely take your truck to the port for the purpose of shipping. They are also capable of handling all the paper works at the shipping docks. If you are looking for reliable truck drivers in the city of London, you can call us at 02031377797. If your regular truck driver is sick or is not able to come to work for any other reason, you can contact us for arranging a replacement truck driver for the day.


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