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Using the Proper Spark Plugs & Spark Plug Wires

If you own a car, you need to look after its maintenance so that it keeps performing in a god condition all the time. While people pay attention to most other things inside the engine to get the best performance from their cars, they forget or ignore the spark plugs and spark plug wires that […]

Understanding Your Import Car’s Electrical System

If you have got an imported car for yourself and your family, it is better to have a basic understanding of its electrical system to not go to your car dealer every now and then to solve small problems that keep arising with usage. This is also prudent from the point of  view of saving […]

Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

What do you do to prepare for the impending winter season? Do you not take out all your woolens and pack all your summer cotton T-shirts and shorts into wardrobes? But have you ever spared a thought for your poor car that ahs to weather the elements in chilly winds and biting cold conditions during […]

Safety tips to follow when working on your own car

Your car is a machine and it can breakdown at any point of time. No matter which profession you belong to, you will always try to repair your car firstly to save time and secondly to save some bucks. When you try to work on your car, you need to keep in mind some important […]

Replacing Wiper Blades Regularly Saves Lives & Windshields

Do you know that most of your driving decisions are based upon what you see through your windshield? Yes, this is both natural and obvious as our eyes send signals to our brain and we take action accordingly whether to shift gears or press the brake pedal. This means that a clean and clear windshield […]

Keep Auto Repair Costs Down with Monthly Car Maintenance

A stitch in time saves nine. This is an old saying that is as good today as it must have been hundreds of years ago, in particular with reference to the maintenance of your car. A lot many people buy new cars by getting them financed without bothering about the cost of maintenance of these […]

How to safely jack up your vehicle

When do we jack up our car When it comes to jacking up a car, the first obvious thing that comes to your mind is a flat tire. However there are many other things like examining the brake system or inspecting the lower machinery for which it is necessary to get under your car. Follow […]

How to Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage

Car owners have always been desirous of better mileage form their cars. However, better fuel efficiency has never been more important than it is today considering the manner in which fuel prices have shot up in the last few years. Making your car run a few extra miles on a liter of gas is not […]