A carburetor is a pivotal part of the automobile engine, which is responsible for the combination of both, the air as well as the fuel into a pre-proportioned mixture, which is subsequently sent into the engine of the automobile for burning and creating engine power. Faulty as well as malfunctioning carburetor can lead to a myriad number of car engine problems, most of which would directly affect the air and the fuel delivery into the car engine. The various problems associated with the automobile carburetor are enlisted below:

  • Black Exhaust Smoke – In this case, the car emits black and dark exhaust smoke from the tail pipe. This implies that the car is normally experiencing carburetor problems. As the carburetor is solely responsible for creating the appropriate balance between air as well as fuel, the resultant mixture only flows into the automobile engine for further ignition. If the automobile carburetor allows excess of fuel and inadequate air to mix before flowing into the into car’s engine, the black and sooty smoke normally comes out as a result from the exhaust pipes.
  • Hard Starting Condition – It is described as a condition wherein the car cranks yet fails to start at all. This is often a clear indication of serious carburetor problems. This situation generally occurs when the carburetor choke gets stuck in an open position or fails to open in an adequate manner during the initial ignition and starting. In such cases, as the part is itself responsible for cold starting the engine, the car may be quite tedious to start or not start at all. Stuck carburetor chokes are very common problems, which often prevent the automobile from being started at all.
  • Stuck Engine Idle – The period for which the engine of the car normally stays idle, depends on the temperature of the automobile engine, while it is in service. During the period when the engine is cold, idling time is generally higher in order to facilitate the engine warm-up. However, when the engine is warm, the idling time drops. If the idle in the engine either gets stuck at the same single speed or fails to change at all, it is usually indicative of carburetor problems related to the carburetor idle solenoid, in most of the cases.
  • Rough Engine Idle – The malfunction of the automobile carburetor can impact the engine idle of the car in a negative manner. By causing due interference in the air/fuel mixture of the engine, the engine idling speed as well as the fuel flow might change considerably. Carburetor problems can thus cause the engine idle of automobiles to become choppy as well as irregular, which in many instances might lead to the shutting down of the car.
  • Engine Missing – The misfiring of the automobile engine can often occur due to a faulty and malfunctioning automobile carburetor. The engine miss usually occurs owing to faulty or irregular type of engine combustion. As the carburetor restricts the flow of the air and the fuel into the cylinders of the car engine, resultant engine combustion might get compromised and lead to situation which might cause an automobile engine miss.