What do you do to prepare for the impending winter season? Do you not take out all your woolens and pack all your summer cotton T-shirts and shorts into wardrobes? But have you ever spared a thought for your poor car that ahs to weather the elements in chilly winds and biting cold conditions during winters? As temperatures start to drop, the performance of the engine of your also starts to drop. You also experience many driving problems because of inclement weather such as slippery roads and the blizzards and snowfalls. It is therefore prudent to prepare your car so that it is able to face the elements and still provide a safe and comfortable ride to you and the family.


Check the tire pressure

It may sound awkward but tire pressure can jeopardize your safety during winters when the tires have lower air pressure than recommended. With the roads slippery because of rain and snowfall, keeping tire pressure right is a good idea to prevent mishap.


Check the grooves on the tires

Is your car more than a year old and you drive a lot? Then inspect the grooves of your car tires and see that they are in the right condition and not worn out. If necessary, get a retreading of the tires done at a small price to ensure stability of the vehicle under slippery road conditions.


Clean the windscreen and the wipers

The windshield of your car is your gateway to the outside world when driving. If it is not clean and clear, snow and rain during winters can make it more unclear and unsafe. If your wipers are not working properly, they will not be able to clear all the snow while driving jeopardizing with your safety.


Check on the lights and their glasses

Weather can suddenly get murky and dark during winters while driving making it necessary to turn on the lights. Lights become dirty with use and you need to wipe them clean regularly to make sure that they are visible from a distance even if visibility is low.


Get the car serviced before the winters

It goes without saying that winters are more demanding on the engine and the exteriors of your car than summers. It is not a bad idea then to get your car serviced and all fluids topped up and replaced to allow it to perform at an optimum condition. Low temperatures often make it difficult to start the car during mornings. Get the gapping between the spark plugs checked and even replace plugs that are close to expiry.


Check the battery connections

Get the health of the battery of your car checked to make sure it does not cause problems in starting the engine and takes the load easily when the heater of the car is continuously working. If the battery is down, get it charged to be prepared for cold and biting conditions.


Pay attention to the coolant

Coolant that works great during summers might pose problems during winters because of a sudden drop in temperatures. Though there is antifreeze chemical in the coolant, do check its condition and get the right type placed inside your car to give nice performance during winters.



Keep some woolens inside the car

Never make the folly of going out without proper winter attire even if you do not have to get outside the car. Who knows you might get caught in a notorious road jam and spend the night inside your car in cold and biting conditions.


If you follow these tips, you will never be in any trouble on account of your car during winters.