Car Transport Traveling abroad can certainly be an exciting time of your life. However, before you do so there are several things that you need to keep in mind before you are ready to go ahead and embark on your trip with the right peace of mind.

The first thing that you should do is to prepare your car for the long haul. The UK motor insurance policy covers you for the minimum level legally throughout Europe including Ireland, Wales and Scotland. This means that in case of a breakdown you can contact your insurance company to help you with a vehicle recovery company. You are under an obligation to inform your insurance company before you go abroad. They will ascertain whether you are covered under the minimum level required for that particular country. Then in case of a breakdown you will be able to get the help of Car and van recovery and car breakdown Recovery Company. The minimum coverage will be inclusive of damage, theft, liability and car recovery services and vehicle breakdown services. It is certainly a good idea to talk to your insurer about the extent of your coverage and what all are you protected against before you leave on your trip abroad. This will make certain that you are covered appropriately.

The next thing is the preparation of your car especially if it is a used car. You might have just bought the used cars for sale but it is a good idea to get it to the car delivery service center and have a full service and check done on it. Make certain that you have spare bulbs, full tank if you expect your car to be on a ferry and the right spare parts. There might be an instance wherein the parts that you find elsewhere might not fit the maker of your car.

Look for the documents that you should have along with you such as the policy number, make of the car and the contact details of the insurer.

Look for appropriate travel and health insurance to cover you whilst you are abroad.

Make certain that your mobile phone and your address book is updated and has the information of all the important people to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Make certain that you have taken care of all the bills that will arrive in your absence. You can delegate this task to a trustworthy friend to do this. Make sure that you have all the old bills organized in a file so that the person can take this along with them for any information if needed.

Make certain that your passport and visa are relevant and right for those countries that you will be travelling in. ensure you have photocopies of these placed somewhere else in case you lose them.

Make certain that you have bought travelers checks, informed your bank and cancelled any services such as credit cards that you might not have a need for on your travels or extended and got specific services.

Make sure that you consult your doctor for a check-up and also that you have all the necessary vaccinations taken. Do not forget an eye and dental check-up before you leave for the trip abroad.

Look and consider different options for housekeeping, looking after your garden and pets, plants, car and the security of your home while you are away.

Research and read up about the places that you will be going to and find out more about it. Plan a road map that you will follow on your trip.

Decide the things that you are going to take along with you such as camera, clothes and such.

Make a checklist for the packing that you will need to do so that you do not forget anything. This will be the clothing, toiletries and such.

Make certain that you have all the prescriptions filled beforehand. Find out if your medication is available abroad and under what name. The same medicine might be named differently or might have different dosages abroad.

Check that your luggage is the weight allowed to be taken and bon voyage!