Your car is a machine and it can breakdown at any point of time. No matter which profession you belong to, you will always try to repair your car firstly to save time and secondly to save some bucks. When you try to work on your car, you need to keep in mind some important things so that you do not injure yourself or damage the car even more.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is to know your capability. Please do not try to repair something if you are not sure of it. It is better to get some help rather to create a worse situation. Proper expertise and use of advanced tools is sometimes the call of the breakdown.

Secondly, identify and accept your physical limitations. Please do not attempt to perform a task for which you are not strong enough. Replacing and fixing some machinery involves great physical strength. You can always hire someone to accomplish tasks such as changing tires, dragging a cylinder head or crawling under the vehicle. Also avoid starting any repair work if you are feeling tired or ill. Right judgement of the cause and solution is necessary to get the problem fixed efficiently without any risk but if you are ill or tired, your perception and sense of judgement is not totally under your control and hence repairing your car in this condition may invite some troubles.

Along with these general precautions there are some safety tips that you should keep in mind while working on your car.


  • Do not smoke while you work around any element or part related to fuel like carburettor,   fuel pump, fuel injector and fuel filter. The battery is also highly explosive.
  • Please keep a fire extinguisher near you just in case you need it. Also ask someone to be nearby if you do not know how to operate it.
  •  Do not crawl under your car if it is not properly supported. Always use at least two jack stands to hold the car in place. Also ensure that the stands sufficiently strong to withstand the car’s weight.
  • Always make sure that at least one of the cables of the battery is plugged out while repairing or replacing any electrical component like the radio, starter and wiring.
  • Make sure that you are not wearing clothes that are loose, jewellery and scarves. Also avoid leaving your hair loose as they may get messed up with the moving parts like pulley or the engine causing injury.
  • If the car has been in operation for a long time, be careful while working on the engine, radiator, exhaust pipes etc as these parts become extremely hot.
  • Always use a protective eyewear when you work under your car. It saves your eyes from filth, dust and other debris.
  • Do not try to replace any component that is linked with the internal ABS system without releasing the system of the pressure.
  • Avoid any kind of distraction while repairing your car. Talking to friends, spouse or children will increase the risk of making a mistake and getting yourself injured.
  • If you happen to work with power tools, please make sure that you use branded extension wire and the electrical tools are grounded to avoid short circuits.
  • Be extra cautious when working with the spark plug. The spark plug wire can deliver an electric shock with a rating of 25000 to 40000 volts which can injure you very badly and can eve result in death.


Please take good care of yourself and your vehicle while handling a breakdown. If you are unable to fix the problem, call a mechanic and get your car repaired from the professional.