Do you know that most of your driving decisions are based upon what you see through your windshield? Yes, this is both natural and obvious as our eyes send signals to our brain and we take action accordingly whether to shift gears or press the brake pedal. This means that a clean and clear windshield is a must for us, to take correct and timely decisions while driving. A clear vision is very essential while driving and if anyone takes this issue not so seriously, they are bound to fall in deep trouble.


Blades suffer from wear and tear

Wiper blades are made of rubber but with constant use, they get worn out with the result that you get to hear a squeaky sound, when you use them during rainy season. This is a warning signal for you to get wiper blades replaced, as they start to scratch the windshield making noises and leaving scratch marks that are permanent and make the windshield unclear and hazy. As the wiper blades are made of rubber, they are susceptible to wear and tear because of the weather and many other elements. There is also ozone and sunlight to degrade your wiper blade and make it unfit to clean the windshield properly and efficiently.


Weather in the place you live plays an important role in deteriorating the condition of your wiper blades. If you live in biting cold weather conditions, snow and chilly winds can harden your wiper rubber to make it brittle. This results in blades getting cracked or torn apart at places to injure the windshield when used. If you continue to use such deteriorated wiper blades over the windshield of your car, you can be rest assured to get a windscreen that is hazy and unclear in addition to having lots of scratch marks. The following is a list of different aspects that can make your wiper blades to deteriorate quickly and as a result harm your windshield.


  • Blades get covered with oil and dirt. This oil gets mixed with dirt and can get deposited on the windscreen and as a result makes it unclear.
  • Warping of rubber of the wiper blades can take place during summers.
  • Freezing temperatures can make blades hard and brittle.
  • Solvents used to clean windshield can harm the wiper blades.
  • Parking the car in open areas can cause wear and tear of blades faster than when it is parked inside the garage.
  • Operating wiper blades over a buildup of snow can harm the blades irreparably.


Replace when they start making squeaky noises

You have to bear in mind that wiper blades have a life during which they work efficiently. You must replace these blades or at least the squeeze fitted in the blades every year (twice a year if you live in adverse weather conditions). Replacing the squeeze is a very inexpensive option that can save you a lot of your money, where worn out blades force you to change the windscreen. If you fail to pay heed to this advice, you could end up with a windshield that is a safety hazard to you. Keep on cleaning the wiper blades occasionally with a moist cloth if you feel the edges have become rough. A windshield seems to be a very insignificant part of a vehicle, but if not taken proper care of, can lead to accidents, so in short shouldn’t be ignored.


If you live in a place that experiences heavy snowfall, clear off the snow on your windscreen yourself before turning on the wiper blades. If the blades appear to be too dirty after heavy use, clean them using vinegar that wipes away dirt and opil that may have got deposited over them.