If you own a car, you need to become familiar with its parts so that when something bad happen, you can easily know where the problem is actually coming. Ignition is an essential part of the car because this part includes several parts such as the spark plugs, wires and ignition coil that plays vital role to the proper function of the car. Ignition is responsible with the distribution of every spark plug of fuel mixture to the cylinder of the car. If the ignition is not in its proper timing or functioning, problems will arise because the engine will lose its proper power. Some common ignition problems that you may encounter are as follows:

  1. Engine is missing the idle mode can be categorized as an ignition problem. This is when the engine is not actually failing but just missing out or doesn’t shoot up right away. It can be the spark plug or the cylinder of the car. If the engine starts to miss out during an idle mode, the ignition timing must be in its improper timing. It could also be the distributor that has been damaged. It can also be unnecessary or extreme movement inside the shaft that causes the ignition timing to work in an inaccurate manner.
  2. When the engine misses out within a speed just atop of the idle mode, it may be missing out or you need to check the engine timing. It may be the cause of the problem but if you see that it’s not, then you need to check the distributor. The distributor’s cap may be damaged and it might need to be replaced. You also need to check the rotor if it is also worn out because it may also be one of the culprit. The problem may depend on the car and its model so it may be complicated to check where the problem is coming from. If your car model is older, there must be the point system that may also cause problems, or it can also be the ignition coil.
  3. Check the exhaust tract if the engine causes the unburned fuel to explode inside the exhaust tract. This is commonly known as backfiring and sometimes, it can be because of the carburetor though at times, vacuum problems and leaks or valve lash may also be the culprit because of incorrect timing that has been set in the ignition. If you are sure that your car is suffering from backfiring, you need to check for the engine timing again and see if the distributor is bolted in a very secure manner to the engine of the car. Lose bolt can cause improper movement which may cause ignition timing problem.

You have to inspect it from time to time to know where the problem comes from.