Regular oil change is a must for every car. Do you know that the motor oil of the car should be changed regularly because that is the life and blood of the engine? You shouldn’t disregard the oil of the engine since it is a requirement to change it regularly. The right use of oil will keep your car in good running condition regardless if it is old model or new. You need to invest in proper maintenance of your car to make it last for years. Buying a new car part is so expensive, more so buying a new car so what you can do is to just properly maintain your car to make sure that every part is ok and there won’t be any problem too. You can easily change your car’s engine oil and it can be through the following:

  1. First thing that must be done is to gather stuffs that must be used to change your car’s engine oil. It is a must so you can easily reach out for things that you will need along the way. You need to park the car in a place where the oil can be drained adequately. Don’t put your car on ramp if you don’t have adequate oil pan where the drained oil will be placed.
  2. You need to drain the oil of your car’s engine and check if there is no oil left after a few minutes. You need to make sure that all the oil has been removed so that there will not be old oil to mix up with the new oil that you will put on. When the old oil is gone, you need to change the drain plug or gaskets too.
  3. When you are done draining the old oil, you need to replace it with a new one. Take off the oil filler cap on the engine top and then place the new oil using a funnel. Warm up your engine and check if the oil level of the car is suitable enough.

Its best to warm up the oil first so that you can drain it easily but makes sure it’s not in its boiling level so you will not be burned accidentally by the bursting oil. You can use rages in different areas of the car to make sure that oil spills won’t bring you harm later on.