Leakage of engine oil is a problem which most of the car owners face at one point or the other. However, most of the automobile oil leaks can be easily stopped in about five to thirty minutes and that too without professional help from an expert car mechanic. The steps involved in repairing the car oil leakage are outlined hereunder:

  • It should be firstly verified that whether the engine oil dripping to floor or the ground is surely coming from the automobile engine and nowhere else. This is requisite in order to ascertain that it is not just motor burning oil. It can also prove fruitful to determine where the oil leakage is occurring in the car engine if possible. For example, when the bottom part of engine motor has the maximum amount of oil on it, it implies that the motor valve covers might be the most plausible reason behind the oil leakage. The engine oil leaks can thus be prevented by making sure that the bolts on the valve covers are absolutely tight. This might entail the use of a specialized screw driver such as the socket wrench. This is generally a better option that buying completely new cover gaskets for the valves, as can prove uneconomical. Tightening any loose bolts on the valve cover can prove the most effective in stopping the leak.
  • Oil leaks should also be investigated in other areas of the engine. This may necessitate the spraying and cleaning of the possible oil leakage areas with the degreaser or the carburettor cleaner. It should also be verified that he pug bolts on the oil drain are tight and have not been stripped. In case the car runs over a large rock on the road, it may cause puncture holes inside the oil pan. However, the situation may be remedied by making use of properly sized bolts for screwing up the punctured holes. Alternatively, an extra drain plug might also be installed, if desired. Moreover, any existing cracks inside the oil pan or engine block might also be repaired using the steep putty.
  • If any the aforementioned leakages are plugged, a socket type of wrench extension should be used to verify that all bolts which attach oil pan and automobile engine are firm.
  • Another probable leakage area might be the oil filter due to improper installation. It might also be the case that the oil filter might get bent due to the off road driving of the automobile.
  • Sometimes, it might also be the case that the leakage of oil may not stop, merely by a change of the oil or the filter. It may be due to the reason that some unburned fuel might have dripped into automobile oil. Thus, a longer wait in between the oil changes would have resulted in higher ratio of the gasoline to the automobile oil. As gasoline leaks much more effortlessly than thick oil, it might be the reason for the exacerbated leakage of oil.

It should be also kept in mind that usually the replacement of the oil with re-refined as well as re-filtered motor oil is usually not a great idea as it may lead to continued leakage of the engine oil.