When you decide to get your used car washed you have two options at your end. You can either do it yourself if you have the time, patience and the know-how or you can get it washed by a professional car wash company. A dirty car is certainly a big no-no as it will convey an extremely negative image of the used car driver. You certainly don’t want to be seen driving a car that is not up to the mark.

The professional car wash company will offer you several benefits that will be inclusive of the car transporter service that they offer such the car delivery at the end of the car wash. Your ford car transporter will be able to help you with this.

If you want to go ahead and have your used car washed by yourself then you need to keep these things into consideration:

  • You might want to have the car transport to a shady place so that it is not in the midst of traffic or dropping leaves
  • Before you start washing your used car make certain that all the doors and windows are closed.
  • Fill a bucket with three-fourth of water and two to three caps of the car soap that you would have got at the time of the used car delivery. The car delivery service will ensure that they give this to you whilst you take the delivery for the car. Then you can mix both of these. Make certain that you use warm water as then the efficacy will be far better on the used car. Set the bucket aside for a while.
  • When you get the used car from the car delivery service make certain that you hose off any excess dirt off the used car. The thing about the car wash is that you should begin right at the roof and then work downwards, until the tires.
  • The used car from the ford car transporter will come with the instructions on how to go about with the car wash. The simplest way to wash your used car is to lather a sponge or terry cloth in a bucket filled with soapy water. Then move to the roof of the used car and sponge it. Ensure that you spray off the extra soap and clean the roof.
  • Go ahead and repeat this on all the sides of the car. It is a good idea to finish one side of the used car completely and then move on to the next. Include all the parts which are fenders, windows and tires. Also, keep a check that you rinse off the soap and water perfectly or else you will be left with a musty smell inside the used car.
  • After you have done this use the hose and rinse it finally. This will get all the water spots off the car and your used car will look as good as new.
  • After you have done this to the used car, get a shammy leather cloth and wipe the used car dry. This will make certain that all the water spots have been completely removed and in front of you, you have a sparkling new looking used car. The way you use the shammy cloth is to drag it right across the window cleaner and after this you can use a balled up newspaper on the insides and outsides of the window.
  • The used car will be shining just like new and will look as though you have just bought it if you go ahead and give all the metal and chrome bits an extra rub. This will be certainly a way to get rid of the water spots that will mar the beauty of your used car.
  • Once you have the exteriors of the used car clean and sparkling, you can easily move on to the interior of the car.

Ensure that you do this regularly and you will be surprised about how you can cut off the years from your used car. You will not even need to worry about repainting or getting a buyer for buy a car.