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  • It is not an uncommon situation wherein one often settles behind the wheels of the car, without really knowing the exact way to get to the destination. However, such scenarios have now become a thing of the past, owing to the Global Positioning System, which serves as a car navigation system. It can aid by showing as well as telling the driver about the possible routes to the desired destination. The products using the Global Positioning System rely on a number of satellites in order to determine the current location of the user. The various steps involved in selecting the best automobile navigation system are stated hereunder:
  • The first step involves deciding upon the frequency with which the car navigation system would be intended for usage. The inexpensive systems can be simply plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car and can even be small enough to be easily stored in the glove compartment. However, such systems are not generally recommended as they are not user-friendly.
  • It is also important to consider the car layout as a factor in deciding upon the right navigation system. Some of the systems also come with a small monitor which displays the map, and is generally installed onto the dashboard. It should be kept in mind that this installation might block the air vents or restrict passenger entry and exit from the vehicle.
  • A system which features numerous ways of getting to the destination should be preferably selected. The options which are included can be based upon the address, intersection, personal address book and location, all of which can be selected from the map.
  • The system should also preferentially give both the vocal and the graphical directions. Moreover, the systems maps displayed on the monitor should also have arrows which indicate the turning direction and the current position of the car with respect to the destination. Some of the other systems might also make use of the head unit and the radio, in order to show the street name, on which the car is travelling make a turn or on which the car is traveling.
  • Another desirable feature in the car navigation system is that should be inclusive of the data related to point of interest. Most of the Global Positioning System units nowadays include the locations of the airports, banks, restaurants and hotels, amongst a host of the other sites, which might be of interest to the user.
  • The car navigation system should also have the feature of updating the data related to point of interest from time to time. Installation time should be considered as a constraint only if one is working on a really tight budget. This is because the systems which rely on monitor-based maps are comparatively more complicated and might take a long time to install, in comparison with the other system types.
  • Once the various required specifications are identified for the Global Positioning System, the prices of the different available units should be compared. Most of the retailers also offer demo units inside the stores, which can be suitably tested before buying a product, which meets all the requirements to the maximum extent.

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