When do we jack up our car
When it comes to jacking up a car, the first obvious thing that comes to your mind is a flat tire. However there are many other things like examining the brake system or inspecting the lower machinery for which it is necessary to get under your car.

Follow the given steps to learn how to safely jack up your car.

Step 1
Park your car on an even ground and pull up the emergency brake. This is a small lever located just next to the driving seat behind the gear panel. This is done to make sure that the vehicle doesn’t move unnecessarily and remains stable during the operation. Leaving the vehicle in the first gear can serve as an alternative. Now place a block or a brick behind the wheel diagonally opposite to the target wheel in position.

Step 2
The jack should now be placed under the car adjacent to the target wheel. You must now search for a thin lining that outlines the edge of the car and position the jack on it.  The jack stand should be placed near to the jack.

Step 3
Now insert the rod into the jack according to the manual’s instructions and start rotating it so that the upper panel of the jack hikes up. In case it comes down, turn the handle in the opposite direction. Some jacks have a switch with two modes; R for Raise and L for Lower.

Step 4
When your car is at a sufficient altitude, bring the jack stand in position to hold the weight of the car. This brings the car in a position with enough space under it. You can safely change the tire or reach out to other systems at the lower side. While changing a flat tire, don’t forget to leave some room for the new tire as it would be inflated.

Safety Precautions:

The jack is a very simple and useful tool but to use it properly is an art that you need to master because if you are unable to properly jack up your car, there is a risk of getting the car damaged or injuring yourself.
So, you must take the following precautions while jacking up your car.


  • The jack must be used to fix the position of the car and not to grip the car in place
  • Don’t forget to use a jack stand while working beneath the car. There have been true stories of people being crushed by their vehicle falling on them

  • Don’t forget to use a metal slab, a brick or a heavy lump to block the wheels. Not only does it save you from getting uninvited bruises but also makes sure that even if the vehicle rolls off the jack, its motion is restricted and hence avoids accidents
  • Be extra careful when you need to jack up your car on a highway. Other vehicles in the same lane may bump into your vehicle if the driver is not careful. Use a piece of cloth or a flag with a stick to wave out a breakdown signal
  • Always make sure that the car is at level ground before using a jack. If you are at a hilly place, you should park the vehicle close to an edge so that it is nearly on a level ground and fork the wheels towards the edge so as to restrict movement to an extent and prevent the movement of the posterior wheels by using heavy stones or wood logs
  • Use two jack stands to avoid any mishaps