Keeping a car for one’s use today is a necessity and not a luxury. If you pay attention and carry out regular checkups and inspections, maintaining a car can become easy both on your wallet as well as your mind. Regular maintenance prevents your car from major breakdowns and you get to enjoy the best performance from your car. Like most car owners, you are likely to miss or ignore the maintenance and repair of its steering and suspension system even though these happen to play a crucial part in the safety of your car.


What does suspension system do?

If you do not know, it is the steering and suspension that decide your control over your car and how smooth the ride is going to be. Imagine going at a great speed and experiencing a bump on road. This causes the forward energy of the car to be converted into vertical energy. This vertical energy travels from bottom to the top of the car and without the leaf springs and the coil in the suspension system of your car, this vertical energy would cause the car to go much higher in air than it does as the suspension absorbs the vertical energy. This little example is enough to convey the importance of suspension system in providing a safe and comfortable ride to you and your family. This obviously calls for a frequent inspection and regular checkup to prevent any major breakdown in your car’s suspension system.


It is not just the bumps on road but also sudden stops that are well absorbed by the suspension of your car to make it a comfortable and safe ride for you. This calls for proper maintenance and regular checkup of the steering and suspension system of your car to ensure you and your family keep enjoying safe rides time after time.


Steering and suspension systems are interconnected

The steering system of the car is made up of many different components such as the steering wheel, steering arm, tire and track rods etc. Similarly, the suspension system of your car is made up of many different parts such as frame, axle, shock absorbers, arms, struts, torsion bars, and so on. It goes without saying that all these parts take a lot of beating because of all the impacts and movements of the car. Therefore, they wear out quicker than other parts of the car and also need a proper care and maintenance. Inspect the condition of these two important systems at least every few months. Also, make sure that you get wheels aligned and balanced every year to prevent any major mishap on account of poor wheel alignment.


Keep steering and suspension in excellent condition to ensure safety

The suspension system of your car is connected with the steering system as it connects the wheels with the frame of the car. In fact, the steering system works in collaboration with this suspension system to provide safety and comfort to the rider. The stability and control of the vehicle is looked after by the suspension after the wheels and the steering provide the input to the suspension system.


Signs to look out for

If you find tires wearing out, steering vibrating during driving, increased bouncing when riding on a bumpy road, noises while turning the car, vehicle pulling to the side of the road on its own when stopping, etc, you must understand that it is time to go for steering and suspension system repair and maintenance. Regular wheel alignment and balancing alone will prevent major breakdowns in the suspension system of your car.