A typical car engine is made up of a number of different systems which are mechanically fitted together in order to provide functionality to the vehicle. However, while the engine systems can work harmoniously with one other, they might also malfunction like other devices. Troubleshooting and identifying car problems can turn out to be a very simple process if one complete understands the vehicle as well as its interactive relationship with the movable parts and the related functionality. Some of the general engine problems which may be experienced by the car drivers on the road as well as their most likely remedial solutions to resolve the specific issues are stated below:

  • Engine Overheating – The functionality of the internal combustion engines is mad plausible by the utilization of the heat energy which is obtained from combustion of the fuel. Almost all types of the combustion associate in some manner with the waste heat, whereas the primary function of cooling system is managing the efficient disposal of the same. Thus, when the collecting, carrying and dissipating ability of cooling system reduces, the engine overheating might occur. While identifying car problems, the major malfunctioning causes for the cooling system should be evaluated. It might be the decrease in coolant fluid or the antifreeze level owing to the leakage or the evaporation. Other reasons for such engine problems might include low heat conductivity because of the deposits in water jackets of engine and the insufficient flow of air through the radiator.
  • Engine Backfiring – The back firing or the after firing might occur when the wires of spark plugs have not been properly fitted, the carbon is sticking inside distributor cap or ignition timing has not been properly adjusted. While identifying car problems, it should be noted that backfire commonly implies the dark emission mixture of water and fuel which burns when the car starts up. The common cause of such engine problems is condensation which forms at top half of fuel tank. Thus, a regular change of the fuel filter would prevent the same.
  • Cranking Engine Does Not Start – While identifying the car problems, such a trouble occurs when the engine makes cranking noises but doesn’t start due to the spark emanating from sparking plug as well as engine compression. Rectifying these types of car problems involves checking for slack hoses, which might be leading to the vacuum leak. The fuel system might also be problematic and it might prove fruitful to check for the problems of faulty pump, restriction in fuel lines and the blockage in fuel filter.
  • Engine Noises – The engine noises might prove extremely fruitful in identifying car problems provided the various car noises are recognized in an intelligent manner. Unusual noise usually identifies the source of occurrence of the engine problems and can thus aid in taking immediate remedial measures in order to avoid major repairs later. However, it requires a little experience to interpret the various engine noises as well as the manner in which they can be differentiated from one another.