Car insurance is obligatory, in case you want to register and drive a car. The insurance rates mostly depend on the sort of car you choose to buy. Moreover, the various insurance companies use varied criterion for calculating the insurance premiums. In case you are not wary enough, you might even end up paying up to two or three times more insurance premium than what you ideally should. Insurance costs are governed by various factors, such as type of coverage, the condition of your car, your age as well as your driving history. With strategic planning, you can easily get the best car insurance at the lowest rates.

Given below are some tips, which you can use, while finding the best car insurance-
1. Call up some of the insurance agents, which have been listed on the Yellow Pages. Alternatively, you can log onto the internet and search for some of the top insurance companies. In order to choose the right insurance company, you can go through the company policies of the different insurance corporations on their websites
2. The next step is to fill up personal as well as car related questionnaires provided on these websites as honestly as possible in order to receive a price quote for your car insurance. In case the web site of the particular car insurance corporation does not have online quote facility, you can contact the insurance agents at the specified numbers and answer their queries to get the best insurance quote. Repeat this procedure for as many insurance companies as feasible and then compare the different quotes that you have received.
3. Also collect information regarding the services as well as the risks covered by the different insurance companies charging the same premium. Thus, on the basis of the information acquired in this and the previous step, decide upon a car insurance company which suits your need the best.
4. You can even reduce the monthly installments of your insurance by installing various additional security features in your car, such as air bags, anti-theft devices and automatic seat belts.
5. Opting for a yearly car insurance policy, instead of a six-month one can also help you in saving money and paying a lower insurance premium. Also, ensure that you have a clean history of credit payments. This is pivotal as it can help you in getting further discounts.
6. Insurance costs generally increase with the average amount of distance travelled by your car every day. So it is necessary that you should specify the least distance you need to cover, in order to reach your work place, so that you can get the lowest value of car insurance possible.
7. Insurance companies often offer sizeable discounts for customers being affiliated with the member directory wherein they are listed. Contact your car insurance agent for more information about the same.
8. In case you own more than on car, you might be able to save considerably on the car insurance premiums. This is true because this implies that all the cars are rarely used together simultaneously. Thus, it is essential that you should specify the idle storage periods of all the different cars, in order to get the most comprehensive insurance coverage scheme. Besides, you could also get significantly lower car insurance rates even if own a single car, which you do not drive too often.
9. Sometimes you might even have to pay a heavy price in the long run for an insurance you previously considered economical. This is mostly due to the several “catch” clauses, which might be present on the insurance agreement. You should thus consult legal experts before deciding upon the best car insurance.