Several plausible reasons might often make it necessary for people to move their cars in the UK. Moreover, moving or even simply going for a long vacation might necessitate that the car might also need to be transported along with the passengers. In addition, scenarios involving the buying of the cars or selling of the cars online might also necessitate the car transport over great distances. In any of the aforementioned cases, multiple options are available for car transport within the UK by using the various reliable vehicle transport options available. These might cover a myriad range of prices as well as maintenance levels. The various options available for transporting cars within the UK are outlined underneath:

  • Driving: It is perhaps the simplest way available which involves driving the car in order to move it. However, the basic assumption in this case of transporting cars is that the car which is being moved should be in a proper working order, in addition to meeting all the requisite safety standards. In case the trip is one-way, the car transport driver might also require some means of coming back, via air or road.
  • Towing: An additional option for transporting cars is towing. This alternative however is mostly useful whenever the car which has to be transported is not in a running condition or has not been registered for being driven legally on the public roads. For the same purpose, a myriad number of shipping companies offer the towing packages which allow the transporting of cars by many standard rent vehicles which are especially equipped with the trailer hitches. Moreover, the towing preference will entail the need of a vehicle whose towing capacity exceeds the weight of the car, which in effect implies reduced fuel efficiency owing to the additional weight. The driver would also require a vehicle using which the return journey would be possible.
  • Shipping: Several shipping options are also available nowadays for transporting cars. Out of the available options, the open flatbed type of carriers is the most economical. Even though this might expose the car to unwanted elements as well as road debris, but on the upside, it would require the car to be driven as the motorized system is instead used to load as well as unload the car. There are enclosed carriers are available for the purpose of car transport. Even though it is more expensive as compared to the other options, it offers protection to the car from outer environment, during the entire trip duration.

Choosing the best method for transporting the car involves taking many key factors into consideration. It should be firstly determined whether the car can be safely and reliably driven or not, even prior to checking whether the car is registered or not. The subsequent step should involve doing cost analysis in determining whether the gas savings cost while driving car to the destination is more economical than hiring a reputed shipping service company Some of the sports cars and the collectible models might require additional security and in that case, shipping inside an enclosed carrier vehicle might prove to be a better option.