Regular Rings and Valve Leak Check Prevents Leak

Owning a car require responsibility because you need to check your car from time to time especially if you will be going for a long ride. Regular ring and valve check can help prevent leaks that may lead to major damages to your car later on in life. Engine valves plays vital role in any type of car. If valves are not properly placed or the rings are not properly seated, it may cause the car to consume more oil. A compression test must be done to check for such issue. Checking ring problems and valve leaks are very important to prevent more serious problems later on. This article will help you find out how to check for bad rings and valve leaks from your car.

Bad rings

  • You can check for bad rings by pulling the spark plug wires, you can do that using a wrench and with the help of spark plug socket.
  • Now screw the tip of the compression gauge of any spark plug openings of the cylinder head.
  • You need to block the opening of the throttle through assistance coming from the accelerator pedal. You need to step on it down to the floor of the car which will enable the engine to have enough supply of air.
  • You need to ask someone to turn on the engine while the accelerator pedal is down.  You need to take note of the readings of the gauge and then do the test on the rest of the cylinders that you have in the car. The reading should be about 130-160 pounds per square inch for every cylinder.
  • You will know if the rings are properly working by seeing the cylinder readings within the range required. If there is a low reading, you need to just put a small amount of water into the cylinder using a spray bottle. If after putting on some water the reading is still not good, you need to change the rings because they may be worn out and needs to be changed.

Valves with leaks

  • You need to fasten the hose of the gauge first.
  • Turn on the engine and let someone help you by stepping on the accelerator pedal, this will enable the engine to speed up.
  • Check the needle of the gauge and see if the reading is steady or not. If the needle is steady, it means that they are in good condition but if the need needle is fluctuating, it means that there is a leak within the valve and you have to check it deeply.

Always wear glasses for your safety when checking parts of your car.



 Ways to Determine if the Fuel Injector is Bad or Not

If you own a car, you must be familiar with fuel injection though a lot of people who drives their own car doesn’t know and fully understand how it works and what it is all about. This article will help you understand what is a fuel injector and how to determine a bad fuel injector in your car which can actually cause the engine to idle in a roughly manner and will also contribute to increase fuel consumption.

Bad fuel injector can also contribute to the performance problem of the car later on in life. In a lot of cases, tracing a bad fuel injector can be done through the nozzle of and through a failed coil. Using the right type of tools, you will be able to know how to properly check bad fuel injector and how to change it accordingly. Here are some helpful tips that you can use:

First thing that you need to do is to park your vehicle in an open area. Open the hood and lift the hand brake.
Next is to set the transmission in neutral level and then start the engine. Make sure that the car is parked well and the hand brake is well.
Now put on a stethoscope meant for mechanical purposes and then check the suspected fuel injector that is malfunctioning. You can do that by placing the tip of the tool against the body of the fuel injector. There should be clicks as soon as the injector valve opened up and then closes. If there is no clicking sound the injector may be bad or not in getting a power.
You have to turn off the engine and then unplug the electrical connector on the suspected injector that you have. You need to set the digital ohmmeter to a very low range on the ohm scale. Now you need to turn on the meter and then investigate both contacts that you have on the electrical connections. If there is any meter problem. There will be a blank screen that will appear on the meter.
Connect the nod light on and if it doesn’t flash at all, you need to check the circuit and component that enables the power feed to that injector.
Turn off the engine and then plug the harness connector. You can close the hood after that.
Determining bad fuel injector is not a big problem if you know how to determine if it’s bad or not.