Important Information about Timing Belt

Timing belt is an essential part of a car’s engine because it makes sure that the valves work accordingly through proper coordination. It is so essential for you, as a car owner to find someone who can help you when it comes to adjusting the timing belt. It is essential especially because it should be properly synchronized with the engine valves along with the pistons of the car to enable it to function well. Once the timing belt is improperly installed, there could be possible problems that may be encounter later on.

Do you know that improper setting of the timing belt can lead to collisions of the valve and pistons of the car? Damages may be worse later on if the timing belt hasn’t been properly installed. As a car owner, you need to change your car’s timing belt whenever you have reached 80,000 miles. It is recommended by most car dealers today to make sure that the car will run smoothly and there will be no accidents that may occur while you are on the road. If you are curious about how to properly determine time belt problems and setting, this article will be very helpful to you.

  1. First thing that you can do is to try to disconnect the battery from the cables. There is a timing belt cover so you need to remove everything that will hinder you from seeing the belt but always be careful about it.
  2. You need to place wheel chocks over the rear wheels so that there won’t be any movements that will occur. Make sure that the car is properly parked and in neutral mode so that you will have more free access when rotating the crankshaft.
  3. Take off the belt cover by taking off the bolts of the perimeter. You can do that using a crank pulley. You need to see if the camshaft timing is aligned. If it is not properly aligned, you need to adjust it but make sure that you are knowledgeable in this task.
  4. The tension bolt needs to be loosening up so that you will be able to move the pulley freely.
  5. See if the alignment between crankshaft and camshaft are ok. If they are ok, you can just turn complete revolutions of the crankshaft to return it to its proper position. Now you are done, you can change the cover of the timing belt and connect back the accessories along with the battery to its terminal.
  6. Start the engine now and feel if the throttle is responding accordingly. The engine should run smoothly even in idle mode especially if the timing belt is properly adjusted.

Proper understanding of the timing belt function will make you take care of your car appropriately.