The car has its computer system that is specifically assigned to function accordingly. The oxygen sensor is hooked to the computer system of the car not just to keep tract of the movement but also to adjust the air to fuel ratio pumped to the engine. The oxygen sensors are disposable so you will not be able to find used sensors at the market that will be sold for half the original price. Faulty sensors can lead to troubles later on and it cannot be fixed as well. What you can do is to change it to make your oxygen sensors run smoothly once again. This article will help you determine and fully understand some oxygen sensor problems that are bothering you.

  1. You can start by finding the oxygen sensor that needs to be changed. For some older model cars, there is only 1 single oxygen sensor that needs to be changed while newer car versions have 2. You can easily identify oxygen sensors because of the golden wires.
  2. What you will do is to detach the wires coming from the oxygen sensors along with its connection to the electrical system as well. You need to be very careful because improper disconnecting of the wires may cause more serious damages later on.
  3. If you find it hard to remove the sensor since heat can contribute to the sensor being stuck in place, you can use a wrench to loosen it up. It needs force to unscrew it but always be very careful because you may also damage other parts of the car that are beside the sensor.
  4. With new sensors on hand, you need to put some oil on it before you screw it to the car. This will make sure that the new sensor will work well and will go along with the wires.

Oxygen sensors are responsible in monitoring the gases that the car emits every time you use the car. It may be costly so you need to make sure that the oxygen sensor is really the problem or else, you might be spending money for a false part of the car. There should be increase in gas mileage or black smoke that is unusual for you to determine if the oxygen sensors are really the problem of your car. Simple information may help you determine if you are really on the right tract.