You may have been driving a car for the last several years but chances are that you draw a blank when asked about the timing belt of your car. It is a very important part of the engine of your car that keeps the camshaft and crank shaft in sync with each other to keep the engine running smoothly. With use and passage of time, this timing belt becomes loose and in worst scenario, it can even break down prompting replacement or repair. Many car manufacturers have replaced timing belts with timing chains to overcome the problem of belt loosening with time.  However, if your car is making use of a timing belt, make sure you get it inspected after certain mileage recommended by the company to avoid ay mishap or major breakdown.


Do not risk your life with the broken timing belt

Broken timing belts result in collisions and severe accidents and it is only in the best scenario that the car pulls up on the side of the road on its own. The engine of the car stops functioning in such cases with the driver losing his control over the vehicle. To avoid facing such a scenario, it is in your interest to carry out regular maintenance of your timing belt.


The timing belt regulates opening and closing of the valves of the engine of your car through a perfect timing between the crank shaft and the cam shaft. When the belt becomes loose, it makes the engine work harder and this strain on the engine is reflected in the poor performance of the car. Even if you know nothing about the timing belt of your car, you can assume that the belt needs tightening or replacement when you see a very high exhaust coming out of your car.


Timing belt has a life span

This means that you should not wait till the timing belt finally snaps as even the loose belt can wreck havoc on the performance of the car. The thing to remember is that timing belt ages and becomes loose with use also. In fact, most car manufacturers give maximum 7 years as the life of the timing belt that they use in their cars. This means that even if you drive small distances to cover just 20-30 thousand miles in 7 years, you have to replace the belt.


Replace other components associated with the timing belt also

Replacing a timing belt is not an easy joke and it takes some time also. It is always prudent to get it replaced by an authorized mechanic of the company. Timely Replacement of the timing belt of your car is a much less expensive proposition than replacing it once it has broken as it leads to severe and irreparable damage to many other engine parts. It is not just the timing belt but also many other components associated with this belt that is equally important from the point of view of the performance of the engine. Some of the more important ones are the idler pulley, tensioner pulley, the tensioner, and the water pump.


Some companies suggest replacing the aged belt alone to overcome the problems associated with timing. However, though there is a lot of saving for you if you replace only the timing belt, it is always better to replace other components associated with the timing belt at the time of replacement.


To avoid a compromise with the performance of your car on account of a loose timing belt or a massive and costly repair once it snaps, it is always better to get it timely replaced.