The entire process of the transportation of the car by shipping can really turn out to be a very costly and taxing process unless the necessary measures are taken. As opposed to dealing with the hassles related to selling the car and consequently purchasing a new one at the new location, one can rather opt to shipping the car directly in order to save both time as well as money. The car transportation industry is quite large and thriving; thereby, there are loads of options available for the shipping the cars, depending upon the budget. The hassles in transporting the car can be reduced and simultaneously the anxiety involved in moving can be lessened by arranging the automobile to be sent to the new home.

The process of determining the cost for automobile shipping firstly involves contacting the trustworthy car shipping companies in order to get for quotes as well as estimations concerning the price of shipping the cars. However, it should be kept in mind that the companies which provide the most cost-effective automobile shipping should only be considered. There are myriad factors which can affect the final expenditure in shipping the cars. Some of these include the weight, type, model and size of the car, which affects the direct transportation pricing, and the shipping insurance cost, which must be purchased to ship the car, constitutes the indirect transportation pricing. The entire distance from the destination, as well as the choice between the domestic and the international shipment also drastically affects the absolute cost of automobile shipping. Some of the companies also change the vehicle shipping rates dependent upon the season as different weather conditions can affect the transporting process.

While dealing with the shipping companies, it can be a good idea to get all the various agreements in writing itself. This should include the estimates of the time involved in pick-up and delivery as well as the shipping and insurance policy estimates. A bill for lading should also be obtained from the shipping company at time of the pick-up. It should be noted that the bill should clearly specify the current condition of the automobile. It should also be ensured that no form or report should be signed unless it is read comprehensively and completely. Such precautions can help in making an effective claim if any damage to the car occurs while its shipment.

It should also be kept in mind that shipping the cars also involves several tasks like researching the reputable shipping companies, requesting the quote estimations, scheduling the date of pick up and arranging the payment. The companies moreover should also be contacted and booked in advance if possible. All these tasks cannot be accomplished in a short period of time. Thus determining the most economical automobile shipping requires organization as well as planning for the shipping of the car in advance itself. It should preferably be done at least three to four weeks before moving.

The first and the foremost thing to understand, while exporting a vehicle, is that the car must necessarily clear the customs at United Kingdom in order to be exported. According to the DLVA or the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency, the process of exporting a vehicle on a temporary basis for less than twelve months is simpler as the vehicle then continues to be taxable under the UK laws. However, if one chooses to permanently move the vehicle to another country, it can indeed prove to be quite a challenging task. In this regard, there are basically two types of exports which are possible for a car, from the UK: exporting permanently as well as exporting temporarily. The various steps which need to be followed for achieving both of these are stated hereunder in an elaborate manner:

1. Exporting Permanently

  • Firstly evaluate the time period for which the automobile has to be taken outside the United Kingdom.
  • The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA should be contacted next in order to enquire about the exportation of the used car from UK. In order to export cars, it is generally required to complete the purple colored section which is called the “Notification of Permanent Export”. It is normally located on the registration card of the vehicle. After filling it out, it should be sent to the DVLA.
  • The registration certificate should however be kept in possession for further use before exporting a vehicle. This is because it will be needed to register the automobile abroad after export of the used car from UK. A duplicate one can be easily obtained from DVLA if one has lost the original copy of this important document.
  • The export cars shipper should be contacted at last in order to ship the car to the chosen country. It should however be ensured that the company guarantees the safety of the car.

2. Exporting Temporarily

  • The government of the UK should be firstly paid the outstanding taxes on the vehicle if the export of the vehicle is being done for less than twelve months.
  • It should also be ensured in advance that the car is kept under an insurance company n UK so that a tax renewal can be secured in the future. This proved to especially very useful when the overall taxable period comes to an end or expires while the car is still overseas due to some reason.
  • The DVLA should surely be contacted if one loses the necessary registration certificate so that the licensing office can mail a new one before the export of the used car from UK. Moreover, one does not need to fill out any paperwork in relation to DVLA if it is required to export cars for lesser than a year.
  • The shipping company which provides services to export cars should be contacted next in order to transport the car to the requisite destination.

Moreover, after one decides upon exporting a vehicle from United Kingdom, it is pivotal to strictly abide by the specified government procedures to export cars before finally transporting the purchased car to the requisite destination. Moreover, if one lived previously in UK and is now moving out, it becomes necessary to export the used car from UK. Exporting the used car from UK requires fulfillment of various rules depending upon whether the automobile has to be exported on a permanent basis or a temporary basis. Additionally, it should be noted that all of the countries forming the United Kingdom other than the constituent country Northern Ireland require one to follow the whole procedure. The steps listed hereunder describe the generic procedure which should be followed strictly in exporting a vehicle from the UK:

  • If one is planning on exporting a vehicle for more than twelve months, the case is considered to be that of a permanent export. It requires that the notification of the permanent export section should be filled out on the vehicle registration certificate, which should consequently be sent to the DVLA. In case one loses the pivotal registration certificate, the application for the certificate of the permanent export should be filled out and provided to the DVLA before the deadline in order to export cars.
  • The next step is to check whether the vehicle is under the category of personal export cars scheme in the UK. This is important, because under the personal export scheme, one is allowed to buy a car inside the UK, with intention of exporting a vehicle overseas without even paying the VAT taxes. Eligibility depends on whether the owner has already bought a car or will purchase a car in UK in addition to filling out the VAT notice number 705. In case while exporting a vehicle, it is found eligible for this scheme, a pink colored registration book will be received, indicating that the car which has been bought is tax free. However, if one is not a permanent member of EU, the vehicle has to be driven for twelve months before the exporting process, whereas an EU resident has to drive the car for six months before exporting the vehicle.
  • An appropriate auto shipper should be located next in order to export cars to the other country. For this purpose, a number of UK based cargo shipping companies are available. The cargo insurance should also be bought necessarily, either in an independent manner or via the shipping company. It should also be made sure that selected shipping company should be registered to Federal Maritime Commission as well as has a functional shipping license.
  • Subsequently, the export customs procedures should be completed next. It requires the filling out of the export forms over the internet or in the export office at the sea port from where the car will be transported. Most of the custom broker companies moreover also handle actual shipping procedure of the vehicle, which can turn out to be highly convenient.

Shifting the place of residence from the United Kingdom to any other country can turn out to be quite an arduous task, especially with regard to all of the household items which would need to be transported. However, if one additionally possesses a car, its movement is much simpler as it can easily be transported to its destination place with ease. This is because an international automobile shipping company can prove quite helpful in order to ship cars. It should be noted that two types of automobile shipping options are generally available. The first out of these is RORO or Roll On Roll Off, wherein the vehicle is driven and parked in the lower level deck of a transport ship and further secured for the transportation purposes. The other available method available to ship a car from UK is container shipping, wherein the automobile is secured inside a large cargo container, and is placed on a ship for further transport. The various steps involved in shipping a car from UK are outlined hereunder:

  • The preferred mode of shipping should firstly be decided upon. It is usually noticed that RORO generally turns out to be the cheapest way to ship cars. However, if one needs to load the car up with the personal effects, then container shipping should be chosen because it is very difficult to pack anything along with a car, which is being shipped via RORO.
  • The next subsequent step is to get the free online price quotes from the various international automobile shipping companies. However, it should be kept in mind that while filling out the free quote form, one should specifically state the type and make of the car to be shipped as well as the preferred method of shipping and the target destination.
  • The price quotes obtained from the various shipping companies should be evaluated relatively in order to pick the right shipping company to ship a car from UK. It can also prove worthwhile to check if the price quotes include the port fees, the export certificate fees, car insurance or any other fees. If any of the above are not included, the extra cost for the shipping should be suitably obtained. It should also be made sure that the shipping company will fully assist in getting the requisite export certificate in order to reduce the customs delays.
  • The selected company should be further contacted in order to arrange shipping of the car from UK using the specific contact details which are provided in the quote. Additionally, the transportation of the car to the port should be suitably arranged if one chooses not to drive it till there. Typically, this might result in extra costs and the amount mostly varies depending on the distance from the port. The date to ship a car from UK is generally fixed, but the due date of arrival at the destination always remains tentative.
  • It is also a good idea to enquire whether the selected shipping company has its own ship cars agents at the destination port to assist with the customs as well as obtaining the vehicle. If not, assistance should be requested in arranging an experienced agent to lend a helping hand there at an extra cost.