The car cooling system, consisting of water pump, the head gasket and the car radiators can be rightly termed as the pumping heart of the car engine. It is thus very vital that the car radiators should be inspected as well as maintained on a very regular basis. Keeping all the myriad parts of the car cooling system, especially the car radiators running optimally is thereby essential in extending the life of the other parts of the car engine such as valves, pistons and cylinders.
Some of the various tips that can be followed to maintain the car radiators are as follows:
• It is recommended that you should get the car radiators flushed, according to the recommendations of the car manufacturers. It is essential to flush the car radiators as the engine deposits as well as debris might lead to overheating of the radiator. This can be achieved by draining the coolant or the anti-freeze from bottom of the car radiators, and subsequently flushing out the core with cold water. The cold water can be sprayed using a garden hose. The car radiator should then be refilled with the appropriate coolant.
• Inspect all the radiator hoses carefully when you as soon as you start the maintenance procedure of the car cooling system. Due to wear and tear, the hoses may tend to leak and consequently brittle or cracked. There might also develop bumps as well as bulges in the pipe lining. Thus, it is recommended that you should always store some spare sets of the radiator hoses in your garage. The procedure of changing the radiator hoses in the car radiators and cooling system is so simple that you can even do it yourself.
• The car radiators and the water pump system should be periodically checked for any water stains, which might be present on the on the pump housing as well as the looseness of the shaft pulley. This is because the water pumps might fail due to the development of cracks on the seals. The bearings might also go bad unless regular inspection of the car cooling system is done. It is thus advised that you should examine these two features to ensure uninterrupted operation of the water pumps.
• You should always check the insides of the engine compartment as well as the crank case, besides the radiator for any foamy beige fluid residue during inspection of the car cooling system. This is pivotal as this fluid often gets formed due to the mixing of oil as well as engine coolant, resulting in a worn and cracked head gasket. This effect is undesirable and should be corrected as soon as possible as damaged head gasket may cause the car engine to get heated up to the extreme point, wherein the pistons, cylinders as well as valves would actually melt.
• The entire car cooling system, especially the car radiators should be carefully scrutinized for any and every types of leaks. This task is made simpler by the usually visible leakage of the brightly colored cooling system fluids such as the anti-freeze and the coolant. Bubbling, dripping as well as spraying of these fluids is generally an indicative of the urgent need for maintenance of the car radiators and cooling system.
Another useful tip is to always look out for any excessive rust while maintain the car cooling system. This is because as opposed to the rust colored stains on the car radiators and water pump housing, the rusty metal flakes and chips might lead to very serious corrosion. It is necessary to keep in check such a situation as it might lead to failure of the car engine mechanism.

It is pivotal that you should always be prepared in case of the occurrence of a car breakdown. This is because it might take the car breakdown services quite a considerable amount of time to reach you, when you suffer a car breakdown on the roadside. Moreover, in a case of an emergency, it is not desirable that you get stranded on your own, while waiting for car assistance to arrive. The best alternative is thus to take precautionary measures at all times against possible car breakdown.

Putting together and placing emergency kits in cars can come in handy in the case of a breakdown on the roadside breakdown with minimal expense as well as little trouble.

Some of the tips and items that you can utilize to save yourself from the woes of car breakdown emergency are-

* Always keep a flash light within the glove compartment, so as to provide for emergency lighting in case of a car breakdown. Moreover, they can be also used to signal for help. It is also advisable to keep extra batteries with the flash light in case the batteries within the flash light run out of power.
* In case you reside in a place wherein sudden snowstorms or ice storms are common, it is requisite that you should always keep the ice scraper as well as rock salt with the emergency kit in your car. Ice scraper can be utilized to scrape off the excess ice whereas the rock salt can be used to provide the necessary traction if the vehicle gets stuck in the snow or runs off the road. Extra anti freeze should also be kept in the car, so that you don’t get stranded in the frigid weather.
* An extra container of the wind shield washer solution should be also kept in the trunk in case you require it during a car breakdown.
* It is also prudent that you should keep jumper cables with you, in case your car battery runs out and you may need charge from someone else’s battery. Sandpaper can also be used to clean the corrosion from the rusty terminals of the battery.
* Duct tape should also be kept handy in the car itself for minor repairs. Flares can also moreover be used for alerting the other motorists on the road, where your car breakdown occurs.
* Keep gloves as well as a blanket or a sleeping bag in the car to shield yourself, in case your car breaks down during the winter season. Likewise, also keep a sweater as well as a jacket in the motor vehicle in case the weather turns warm during car breakdown.
* Garbage bags can serve as an excellent raingear to provide insulation from the cold weather during emergency car breakdown. Thus, it is advisable to include them among the emergency kit in the car trunk.
* Maintain a list of all the local emergency phone numbers on a neat piece of paper in the car’s glove compartment. Additionally, in case you have auto insurance, you should include the contact number of the car breakdown service available under it in the list so that it might come in handy at the time of the car breakdown. Also, keep the car charger for your cell phone in the car, along with water and a first aid kit at all times.

It is essential that you should not put off the preparation for an emergency any further, in case you have not already done the necessary groundwork for the same. It might also be a good idea to go through your emergency kit that you had prepared previously, in order to add any new item that might be required.